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Welcome to Support for Pods

We provide support in multiple areas for all of our plugins. forums for standard forum support, GitHub for Feature/Enhancement Requests and Bug Reports and Slack Chat for the fastest most interactive direct support for the Pods Framework and our plugins.

The table below provides the direct link to the Support Forum and GitHub for all of our Plugin and Supported Add-ons:

Plugin Version
Pods Download | Support | Docs | GitHub

Free Add-Ons

Plugin Version
Pods Beaver Themer Add-On Pods Beaver Themer Add-On 1.3.3 Download | Support | Docs | GitHub
Pods Gravity Forms Add-on 1.4.3 Download | Support | Docs | GitHub
Pods Alternative Cache Pods Alternative Cache 2.0.7 Download | Support | Docs | GitHub
Pods SEO Pods SEO 2.2 Download | Support | GitHub
Pods AJAX Views 1.0 Download | Support | GitHub