Support Policy

In an effort to get our Documentation website launched and as complete as possible, we are shifting resources from Support to Documentation. Forum questions on the Forums will be answered once a week on Mondays (with some minor follow-up during the week). We have specific forums for each of our Pods Plugins listed on the Support Website along with links to their GitHub and Documentation.

If you need assistance more quickly, please join our Slack Chat and post your question in #support. We staff Slack Chat on Monday through Friday for an hour in the morning, Central Daylight Time (CDT, UTC-5). We do have other community members and developers who ‘hang around’ in Slack Chat, so you’re always more likely to get a quick response to your question in chat. We do not staff Slack Chat on the Weekends (Saturday & Sunday) or on US Holidays.

Slack Chat Policies

We try to limit questions in Slack Chat #support to 15-30 minutes per question. Typically, any longer discussion than that and we’ll both be running around in circles and it’s better to step away from your problem to get some fresh eyes on it, or you may need to go back and look at any documentation we’ve suggested. Likewise, we also try to limit forum responses to no more than 3-5 replies before we ask you to come to Slack Chat to discuss your problem. Sometimes discussing your problem in chat will help you get to your ‘lightbulb’ moment more quickly. If you’re new to Slack Chat, check out our Slack Chat FAQ.

Bug Reports or Feature Requests

If you’ve uncovered a Bug or have a Feature Request, we kindly request you to create an Issue on our GitHub Repository at Please be very specific about what steps you did to create the issue you’re having and include any screenshots or other configuration parameters to help us recreate or isolate the issue.

Consulting or Client Work

We do not perform any consulting or paid service work at Pods Framework. We are focusing all of our resources on improving the Pods plugin. If you need immediate assistance that you can’t handle yourself, we highly recommend going to Codeable; they have skilled WordPress developers (including some of our community of Pods Framework Developers) and you can usually get assistance very quickly on your projects. If you use our link, you’ll also get a $10 credit when you use the service.

As always, your patience with us while we continue to improve Support & Documentation for the Pods Framework is tremendously appreciated. We wouldn’t be here without you and we always want to give you the best support possible.