Slack Chat FAQ

We recognize that Using Slack Chat may be new for many of you, so we’ve tried to pull together a handful of the most helpful Slack Help documents to help you get comfortable with our Chat so you can get your support questions answered quickly and efficiently. You should also familiarize yourself with our Support Policy, because that does indicate what we will and won’t handle on our Slack Chat.

Where should I post Questions?

When you’re looking at your Slack Client (whether web or download version), you will automatically be added to the #announcements and #support channels. All support questions should be directed to the #support channel, but here are a list of our other useful channels:

  • #support: All Support Questions should be directed here. This also the only channel that is specifically staffed for specific times during the week. If you drop in after hours, please go ahead and ask your question in this channel and our support staff will get back to you during our posted hours or someone from the community may step up and answer. Also remember there are no stupid questions, except for the question you didn’t ask 😉
  • #dev-chat: If your question is more of a technical nature, deals with debugging PHP or needing some developer advice on how to do something with code, we ask that you direct that question to this channel. Our developers, our community contributing developers and many folks who make their living developing websites with Pods hang out on this channel. It’s not staffed, so please be patient with any questions you do ask and remember to upload code snippets if you want someone to review your code.
  • #jobs: Are you looking for custom code or development work or are you a bit over your head with a project and need some paid help? This is the place to post those kinds of requests. We monitor this channel and will promote job requests if we see they’re not getting responses.
  • #coffee-talk: This is our open, off-topic, chat channel. Brew a pot of coffee, make a cup of tea, or open a bottle of beer and chat with the rest of the Pods Community.
  • #beaver-themer: Dedicated channel for Beaver Themer Support for the Pods Beaver Themer Add-on. Please note: We don’t handle Beaver Builder or Beaver Themer specific support as Beaver Builder has Premium Support for those products. The channel is ONLY for support of our plugin.
  • #core-docs: If you see an issue with our docs, or want to help with our documentation, please join this channel and speak up. We need help with docs, even if that’s just taking a document and submitting corrections through the helpful ‘Was this Helpful?’ form in the sidebar on every doc page.
  • #core-i18n: Translation questions and inquiries to our staff about becoming a Translator are directed into this channel.

Please don’t Direct Message (DM) our Staff; Use the #support Channel

We keep our Support open so everyone can read the questions and the answers. This allows folks to use it as a resource. If you direct message, we can’t use any of the Slack interactive responses and we can’t make sure all of our staff sees the questions. That’s why we will always ask you to post in the #support channel. If we bring you into a Direct Message, it’s because we need access to your website or something of that nature.

Use Threaded Replies to Keep Chat Focused and Uncluttered

We have switched to Threaded Replies in our #support channel to keep chat more focused and less cluttered. If you’re asking a question and have follow-up comment, please reply to your first question with a threaded reply. You will be notified when you have a threaded reply from our staff and we will also be notified when you reply to threaded conversations. You can read up on the Official Slack Help on how to use Threaded Replies and Messaging here:

Don’t just drop code into the channel, upload a Code Snippet

Pasting large blocks of code just overwhelms the channel. It also makes it really hard to read if you don’t format it as code. Slack provides a very helpful way to Upload Code Snippets into Slack. If you’re on the mobile app, you won’t be able to do this, so format your code as Inline Code as you type.

We do not staff the #support channel 24 hours!

We cannot staff our chat 24 hours, so unless it is during our posted support hours, assume that your message is probably not going to get an immediate reply. Try to message us in #support with these guidelines in mind:

  • Be Patient: Don’t start spamming every single support channel we have (Twitter, forums, GitHub) with the exact same question. If you have asked it on the forums and on Slack, that’s enough. We will respond, we always respond to every single question posted in #support (and on the forums).
  • Ask Leading Questions: Instead of dropping in and making a statement like “Help!” or “Can anyone help me with a problem?”, let us know specifically what you need help with. Ask a question that allows us to provide you an answer, not have to follow-up with additional stream of questions.
  • Return for your Replies: We always answer every single question dropped into our #support channel. If we take the time to answer, please give us the courtesy of returning for your answers.
  • If you have a complicated problem or question, ask it on the Forums: That is what the forums are for, long involved questions. We use our Slack Chat primarily for quick answers, pointing people to the right location for answers or more information and to help people who are totally lost and need to get into a chat back and forth answer session to figure out what they need or help them get their lightbulb moments.